Control weeds – Things to do in the garden in April and May


Weeds spring up with with a vengeance in April and May and it is really important to control weeds now to ensure they don’t go to seed when they will spread all over the place and to weaken them and stop them establishing themselves with long deep roots.

A Weed is just a plant growing somewhere we don’t want it to. Many are highly nutritious edible perennials and we don’t need to get too stressed about them. But if you do have plants/weeds growing in parts of your garden or allotment where you don’t want them (because they rob other plants nearby of nutrients, water and light) Spring is the key time to control weeds.

You don’t need to use chemical weed killers. Here’s how to control weeds:

  • Mulch: surround plants (keep clear of stems) with a layer of organic matter (wood chips, compost, manure, straw, hay, leaves, grass clippings, cardboard, newspaper…) to starve weeds of light.
  • Hoe: regularly run your hoe between rows to lop off weed seedlings.
  • Hand fork: dig out any weeds as they appear with a hand fork (try to remove all the root).
  • Strim or sickle: if you have large areas of weeds you can weaken and eventually kill weeds with regular cutting to ground level.

If anyone has any tips, questions or suggestions, please comment below.

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