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Vegetables to sow in the autumn


Here is a simple guide explaining which vegetables to sow in the autumn.

The main growing season may be drawing to a close, but now is a good time to get crops going for picking during the winter months. There are also vegetables to sow in the autumn such as broad beans and garlic which will stay in the ground until the following summer.

As always, germination and growth will be dependent upon the weather and the location of your growing space. But as a rule the soil will still be nice and warm in early autumn and seeds will germinate fast.

Vegetables to sow outside in the autumn:

Broad beans, peas, radish, onions, shallots, spring onions, garlic, kale, perpetual spinach, spinach, chard, turnips.

Vegetables to sow in the greenhouse or polytunnel in the autumn:

Pak choi, mizuna, mibuna, lambs lettuce, land cress, mustard, rocket, winter lettuce.

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