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Walking Onions – Interesting perennial crop to grow if you aren’t already


Walking Onions (also called Tree Onions/Egyptian Onions/Topsetting Onions) are a hardy perennial that grow back every year from their bulbs.

You can purchase Walking Onion bulbs and sow them anytime after the winter cold. Once established they will shoot up each February. They produce clusters of new bulbs at their tops which eventually cause the stems to bend over and they start growing into new plants wherever they fall, hence the name ‘Walking Onions’.

You can harvest the young smaller side shoots throughout the summer and eat as scallions or wait to harvest the onion bulbs at the end of the summer when the stems will dry and brown and the new bulbs look like miniature onions.It’s a good idea to leave the bigger stems to produce top sets. You can harvest these for eating, leave them to drop and grow on their own again, or save them to grow more plants from elsewhere.

Pick any top-sets which reach the ground that you don’t want to re-seed. Also dig back the soil to expose some of the underground onions and pull some out of the ground. Walking Onions produce various underground onions. Harvest some of them and leave some others to grow again the following year. You can cure top sets and underground onions in a warm, well ventilated room, until the necks are dry (about 2 weeks) and then store somewhere with low humidity.

If anyone has any tips, questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.

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